Yordas Cave by munki-boy

Yordas Cave

Yordas Cave is situated in Kingsdale, North Yorkshire, in England.

The name Yordas is derived from the Norse ‘Jord ass’, which means ‘earth stream’. Others however, believe the cave was named after a Nordic Giant called Yordas!

Yordas Cave has been a natural curiosity since the eighteenth century and was a show cave during the nineteenth century. Nowadays it is a popular destination for cavers and walkers.

Exploring the cave is straight forward as long as you have good footwear and a torch.

The entrance consists of a stone archway with a flight of three steps descending directly to the main chamber. The main chamber has a stream running through it, which disappears into some low passages to the left. There are three small passages leaving the chamber. On the left, a low passage can be followed for a few metres to the Back Door entrance in a shakehole. Two passages to the right of the chamber soon unite in a smaller chamber called the Chapter House. This contains a superb 9m (30ft) waterfall and was where the old show cave ended.

Yordas Cave is on private land. Permission isn’t required but you are expected to visit the cave respectfully and responsibly.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 24  November  2018

Yordas Cave map

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