Tilberthwaite Deep Level Adit

Closehead in Tilberthwaite Deep Level by munki-boy

Tilberthwaite Deep Level Adit

The Tilberthwaite Deep Level or Horse Level is a mile-long rock cut tunnel that leads from near the ruins of Penny Rigg Copper Mill to the depths of the Three Kings Mine beneath the mountain.

The adit was used to drain the old mine and for horses to pull copper ore to the surface without transporting it down the mountainside.

The tunnel is accessible but is usually flooded to about knee height or more and could have very large amounts of water in bad weather. The Tilberthwaite Deep Level Adit is blocked after around 150 metres in by fallen rock. The other side only known to be accessible by traversing down the very deep and dangerous Three Kings Mine.

During construction of the tunnel a slate deposit was encountered some way in and a small closehead or underground quarry was created to mine out the slate. It should be noted the real purpose of the mines here was for copper ore.

The Tilberthwaite Deep Level is a strange place and despite being blocked by a cave in a constant stream of air can be felt and sometimes very peculiar noises that must be that of the wind or water traveling along the tunnels underground. The closehead is quite interesting and has a number of old rusting artifacts and an old air-hose for quarry equipment.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 26  August  2018