The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary by JRL

The Sanctuary

In 1930, the location was re-discovered from Stukeley’s illustrations and the site was excavated. Further excavation, carried out in 1999, revealed a more complex sequence of construction and use than previously thought.

Five thousand years ago a timber shrine was built on this hill. Rebuilt and enlarged several times during the following thousand years, the old shrine was finally replaced by a double stone circle and linked by an avenue of stones to a new temple at Avebury.# The Sanctuary Concrete Marker Posts The Sanctuary was probably built 4,500 years ago as a ceremonial site. The concrete marker posts show the position of the original stone and wooden posts. It is thought that the wooden posts formed the original monument, but were later replaced by the stones.

The Sanctuary is thought to have been used as a ceremonial site It was connected to the Aveburv stone circle by the West Kennet Avenue, a processional way. The monument was probably in use for about 500 years.

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