The Hermit's Cave by munki-boy

The Hermit's Cave

The Hermit’s Cave, Giant’s Cave or Clutter’s Cave or Waum’s Cave as it is variously known is a small quarry into a rock outcrop formed from precambrian pillow lava now found up on the hills near British Camp hillfort.

The cave itself is nothing more than a small cavity in the rock but it is mentioned by Watkin’s in his Old Straight Track and has various local legends attached. A giant is said to have hurled the “door” from the cave down off the hillside and this is reckoned to be the large “sacrificial stone” not too far away,

There is also some mention of the cave having been used as a hermitage in medieval times but the “cave” is of uncertain age, it would certainly be a hard rock to quarry out. Watkin’s was in the area around the 1920s so that reference is not very old.

Created: 28  October  2018  Edited: 28  October  2018

The Hermit's Cave map

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