River Lickle

The River Lickle runs down from Broughton Moor to an estuary at Broughton in Furness. There are good walking paths on either side of River Lickle, though the paths are mostly on higher ground with the river at the bottom of a steep ravine lower down. There are several footbridges higher up the moor. The footpath on the West side of River Lickle continues along the side of the river across the side of a rocky slope.
The footpath on the East side of River Lickle joins the river from high ground at The Knott on Broughton Moor in a wooded area and joins the footpath on the West side of the river below White Pike. The footpath along the West side of River Lickle has many rocky areas where the deep ruts of cart wheels can be seen cutting into the rock itself.

The path leads up onto high areas of moorland where there are many old quarries and presumable the carts where used to transport rock down which would have made them rather heavy. In fact on old maps this track is named as a “Slate Road”, higher up the river towards Walna Scar. The road leading down from Stephenson Ground leads back towards, and crosses River Lickle near to the remains of another old lime kiln. The path along the West bank of the River Lickle moves away from the river and leads towards a farmhouse at Stephenson Ground where it passes the remains of an old lime kiln.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 23  August  2018