Pull Beck waterfall by munki-boy

Pull Beck

Pull Beck at Pull Scar is an interesting area, very difficult to ascend the beck is in a steep ravine but there is supposedly a large waterfall hidden from view at the top.

Visited twice, a trickle is all I got out of the “waterfall”, looks like it’s been impressive though.

There is also a flooded trial mine adit, part of Coniston United Mine dating from 1827. Minerals where in fact mined from a nearby shaft dating to around 1856.# Pull Beck Waterfall The large watefall at the top of Pull Beck, spectacular after rain but damp and without proper flow after dry weather.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 22  July  2018

Pull Beck map

Pull Scar mine adit
Pull Scar Beck - a bit of a scramble