Ogof Twn Siôn Cati by munki-boy

Ogof Twn Siôn Cati

Said to be the hideout of the outlaw and highwayman Twn Siôn Cati the “Welsh Robin Hood”, Ogof Twn Siôn Cati is a small cave on the steep, wooded side of Dinas in the Gwenffrwd-Dinas Nature Reserve.

Twn Siôn Cati’s cave is adorned with centuries of graffiti carved into the stone walls with the oldest found from 1729, illuminated from above by a natural skylight.

Ogof Twn Siôn Cati is good for a short stop while visiting the Gwenffrwd-Dinas Nature Reserve.

Created: 10  August  2018  Edited: 28  November  2018

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