The Mayborough Monolith by munki-boy

Mayburgh Henge

The monument is Mayburgh henge. It is located upon a low knoll of glacial drift a short distance from the confluence of the Rivers Eamont and Lowther, and includes a stone bank enclosing a flat circular area within which there is a large standing stone. The bank is composed of water-worn stones presumably removed from the River Eamont, and varies in size between 33.7m wide and 3.8m high externally on the northern side, to 45m wide and 7.3m high externally on the southern side. There is an entrance 12.5m wide on the eastern side which narrows to 6.2m wide as it approaches the interior. The henge is virtually circular in plan with a comparatively flat internal area measuring 90m from north to south by 87.5m from east to west. Approximately 10m north west of the centre of the monument is an upstanding granite stone measuring 2.79m high by 1.82m maximum width, which is the only survivor of eight similar stones recorded within the henge during the mid 17th century; four of which stood close to the centre and four of which were located in the entrance. An axe-head of brass or bronze was reportedly found during ploughing of the monument’s interior in the late 18th century, and about one hundred years later a broken polished stone axe of the Langdale type was found beneath the turf in the entrance. The monument is in the guardianship of the Secretary of State. Garden fences on the western side of the monument are excluded from the scheduling but the ground beneath them is included. Mayburgh henge is a very unusual type of henge; its enclosing bank is much larger and more monumental than is normally the case. Additionally it would not appear to have had an internal ditch. Despite the removal of some of the stones in the centre of the site and limited quarrying of the surrounding bank, this site survives well and remains a visually impressive monument in the landscape. It is also one of a group of three henges near the confluence of the Eamont and Lowther rivers. Extract from Record of Scheduled Monuments

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 26  August  2018

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