Lopham Fen by munki-boy

Lopham Fen

Lopham Fen is a nature reserve managed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust and contains large areas of wetland together with mixed woodland and a variety of wildlife habitats. The Lopham Fen nature reserve spans the border of Norfolk and Suffolk.

The fenland grasses are harvested regularly to clear paths and encourage new growth, the old reeds are used for animal feed. There are several nature trails leading through the fen and surrounding woodland and there is much nature to discover from birds to wild ponies. One of the trails at Lopham Fen passes through a small of woodland of Silver Birch with it’s characteristic bark. There are several herons that can be easily observed around each of the small lakes at Lopham Fen. Lopham Fen features large, central areas of wetland and lakes surrounded by woodland. There are reedbeds of Sedge, Reedmace and many other wetland plants.

The ponies at Lopham Fen are apparently quite docile but they do go really wild from time to time and chase each other around. It can be quite intimidating as a large herd runs toward you down the footpath, but they look great. Visitors are advised to keep their distance and never try to feed them as their behaviour can become quite aggressive or unpredictable. They aren’t domestic horses, they are wild and they can bite! One of the best sites at Lopham Fen are the wild Konik ponies that roam free around the edge of the wetland and through the woods. The ponies are wild but are given some food to sustain them by the wildlife trust.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 26  August  2018

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