Hatch Brook Waterfall

Hatch Brook Waterfall by munki-boy

Hatch Brook Waterfall

One of the smaller waterfalls, local to us in the West Pennine Moors. The Hatch Brook Waterfall is easy on the eye - when there’s enough water coming down, but rather difficult to photograph effectively. Though it is quite popular with people trying out the long-exposure technique. Hatch Brook Waterfall is best visited as part of a walk around the Wheelton Plantation, as there are other items of interest - if you like ruins and woodland. Hatch Brook Waterfall can be a magical place if the water is flowing nicely and the weather suits, but at other times quite disappointing; almost dried to a trickle or blocked with fallen trees or mud and rocks.

The waterfall itself can be viewed from above quite easily - if from a rather obscure angle, as the main track passes around the top. It is possible to descend to the base of the fall from here but it’s dangerous. There is a track up the Hatch Brook from where it enters The Goit below, which can be a lot easier.

Created: 27  April  2018  Edited: 26  August  2018

Hatch Brook Waterfall map

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