Cow Dub Waterfall

Cow Dub Waterfall by munki-boy

Cow Dub Waterfall

Cow Dub is a really interesting little waterfall, as the Easegill flows through almost organic shapes carved into the limestone and over the drop into a clear-water, stone bowl.

Next to the current Cow Dub fall is what appears to be an earlier waterfall - now dry, and in places the base of the falls have been eroded away to form stone arches.

The splash-pool at the base of Cow Dub Waterfall often looks especially inviting as the water is very clear - although with an iron-tint. The pool itself is carved directly into the limestone beds and looks like a bit like a bath except for its reniform shape.

The river just above the waterfall has also carved out some rounded bowl shapes from the rock and is worth a look.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 22  July  2018

Cow Dub Waterfall map