Catrigg Force by munki-boy

Catrigg Force

Catrigg Force is an absolutely spectacular waterfall that drops into a deep, rocky gorge on the Stainforth Beck. The waterfall itself has two drops, the first of which falls into a small basin carved into the rock and half-hidden from below. The main drop falls from the basin to a shallow limestone pool with overhanging trees far above and fern-clad rocks below.

A delight to visit from the path above that descends steeply, almost to the foot of Catrigg Force itself, where the full height of the waterfall and rocky cliffs ascending vertically is breathtaking to behold.

Difficult to photograph as a notch in the rock at the top of the fall is often very bright with respect to the shaded rocks below. Although, at the right time of day you can catch the sun at some very pleasing angles with the sunlight slanting down the waterfall to the pool below.

Created: 26  August  2016  Edited: 21  July  2018

Catrigg Force map

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