Castlehowe Stone Circle

Castlehowe Stone Circle by munki-boy

Castlehowe Stone Circle

Castlehowe Stone Circle is very small but worth it if you’re monument bagging or passing by on a walk. The circle itself is by the side of a dry stone wall at the edge of a rather lumpy sheep field and doesn’t seem to attract much attention.

The small stone circles such as this one at Castlehowe are usually said to be from the later period of circle building.

Small stone circle 220m south-east of Castlehowe Scar

Castlehowe Stone Circle is a small stone circle located 220m south-east of Castlehowe Scar farm. The monument includes a circle 5m in diameter of 11 variably spaced boulders, 10 of which are rounded pink granite and one being hewn blue granite. The two largest stones are at the southern side of the circle. The westerly of these is hewn blue granite stone and this has fallen. The monument is not known to have been excavated.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 24  November  2018

Castlehowe Stone Circle map

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