Appletree Worth by munki-boy

Appletree Worth

A relatively modern, stone bridge across Appletree Worth Beck leads to the ruins of Appletree Worth, replacing the stepping stones that were used previously. There are ruins of a small deserted farmstead or village with buildings that should be explored with great caution, for the collapsed walls are unstable and the ground is rocky and slippery. The collapsed structure seen opposite the ruins, up the bank on the other side of the beck could be the old lime kiln shown on the Ordnance Survey map from 1890. It shows the layout of the former buildings of Appletree Worth, together with stepping stones across the river, next to which a ford was later added. The limekiln went out of use by 1915.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 26  August  2018

Appletree Worth map

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Appletree Worth Mine