Achnabreck Prehistoric Rock Carvings

Achnabreac Prehistoric Rock Carvings by munki-boy

Achnabreck Prehistoric Rock Carvings

The Achnabreck Rock Carvings are located in Kilmartin Glen and are believed to date from around 5000 years ago.

Achnabreck is one of the finest examples of prehistoric rock art in Scotland. They are spread over three outcrops and are among the largest and most complex decorations. The most common decoration are cup and ring marks, some with up to 12 rings and reaching more than a metre across. Other decorations include ringed stars, spirals, multiple rings and parallel grooves.

The spirals are of interest, as there are similar examples found in Ireland, suggesting wide-reaching contacts. Some of the carvings seem to overlap other carvings. There are also several different decorations and styles used, which may mean the carvings accumulated over a long period.

As the art is mostly abstract, you can only guess at what the markings mean. Some say it should be regarded as a series of messages, with meanings dependent on their landscape.

There is no other place in Scotland that has such a concentration of prehistoric carved stone surfaces and Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments, as Kilmartin Glen.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 21  July  2018

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